About Us

igoldWorld is a luxury brand known for blending creative designs with high quality craftsmanship. iGold developed a distinctive identity, by providing Bespoke, stylish handmade luxury handsets. iGold is the brand for people who crave luxury and uniqueness.

What we do
Our reputation is built with classical elegance, attention to detail, and customized, perfection of visually stunning detailed designs.

Our vision of elegance have transformed the high end handsets into unique pieces of jewelry, priding ourselves in our distinctiveness we have infused precision. High quality materials are used to create luxury 24 carat gold embellished handmade handsets. We offer a broad coll ection of both classic and contemporary exquisite customized designs for high end handsets, made in our creative craftsmanship headquarters in London, United kingdom.

Our Philosophy
Handsets have become part of our lives and our lifestyles, part of our dressing and reflection of our lifestyle. iGold is a high profile ambassador brand for luxury lovers. We are renowned for highly crafted handsets encrusted with diamonds, rubies, Swarovski crystals, exotic skin, handsets with innovation, customization keeping the preference of our client in mind with a practical approach for our products to be used in daily life.

Our products are soul of creative spirit, fusion of philosophy and unique concept. iGold is the global acclaimed brand of royalties and celebrities.

Our products are a fusion of elegance and sophistication. Any customized handset will be a trademark of luxury and inimitable quality, that will set you apart from the crowd. iGold Philosophy offers versatile collection to suit every taste and occasion that turn heads. igoldWorld is definitely a brand of bold statements.

igoldWorld customers
igoldWorld is for the people who appreciate unique brand stamped with their style. We offer our sophisticated and edginess with the must-have range of high end handsets. Our creative products brings the element of surprise and showcase your life style. We passionately believe in innovation, we have seamlessly ma tched the worlds of precision, craftsmanship, quality and glamour to transform the handsets into luxury devices.

Celebrities with the igoldWorld brand
Each creation is unique, one of a kind, evoking the spirit and vitality of luxury.
Our esteemed products are already grabbing the attention of royalties, celebrities, and stylish people.